Studio with First Engineer:

All times quoted include First Engineer hourly flat rate fee @ $40/hour.

  • 1st Hour: $90/hour
  • 2nd Hour: $85/hour (2-hour block = $175)
  • 3rd Hour: $80/hour (3-hour block = $255)
  • 4th Hour: $80/hour (4-hour block = $335)
  • 5th Hour: $80/hour (5-hour block = $415)

After 3rd hour, Studio flat rate fee drops to $40/hour (First Engineer rate remains at $40/hour)

NOTE: 2-Hour Minimum. Pay 50% Deposit Below to Confirm Booking

Included with Above Rates:

  • 9-piece Drum Kit [drummer must provide own cymbals, snare drum, kick pedals & throne
  • One Hour FREE set up time per session
  • Project Backup & Storage

Additional Options & Charges:

  • If customer desires to utilize their own drum kit, a $50 charge will be added to cover break down of existing Studio kit
  • $30/day Orange PPC cabs and Peavey 6505 head
  • $20/day Orange OBC 410 Bass cab and Peavey Minimax 600 watt head
  • $25/day 7 string Carvin Guitar
  • $25/day 5 string Ibanez BTB Bass
  • $20/day Fender Jazz bass

Payments & Policies:

  • Two Hour minimum for bookings
  • 50% Deposit to confirm booking
  • Recording Studio Agreement to be signed at Studio location prior to session commencing
  • 24 hour cancellation notice required to receive full refund